I have been shortlisted for a voice over Award, but it’s not all as it seems……

Voice Over Awards and my epic fail


You can read all about it, or if reading isn’t your thing, you can hear it from me first hand by clicking the play button.



My One Voice Awards Nomination
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The One Voice Awards 2021




As UK voiceovers waited patiently for the announcement of the OneVoice awards shortlist, I was making a paper mache moon with my 6-year-old daughter. Apparently, it wasn’t very moon-like, she couldn’t possibly take it to school, and I was the worst mum in the world!



Fast forward to the next morning


It’s the school run. We are running late, the girl is having a tantrum about breakfast and the boy is delighted as we can’t find his tie, so he’s gonna be the “tie-less” cool kid for the day! 

On the walk to school, me carrying a paper mache moon under one arm (cos now it’s the best thing in the world) whilst holding the lead to a very excitable labrador pup, hoping that today we can magically make the usual 10-minute walk to school in under 4 minutes and that the labrador doesn’t mistake the moon for a football.

We make it, late giving “that” apologetic smile to the teacher. She can tell what kinda morning I have had, by the fact that I haven’t brushed my hair and there’s a toothpaste stain on my jumper. 

Kids dropped off. Dog calmed down, I start the lovely walk home ready for the day.



My first Voice Over Nomination!


My phone pings and I get an email from the One Voice Award telling me I have been shortlisted and here’s my OVA Nomination badge!!! I’ve been shortlisted for an award!!!

Now, I am not really a winner of things. On school sports day I always got the “sad sticker” which meant, well done for trying but you came last. So I was chuffed that I got shortlisted for such a prestigious Voiceover award. 



I call my mum


“Hey mum, I got shortlisted for a Voice Over award”

“No say that again you broke up”

“I’ve been shortlisted for a Voice over award”

“Hold on a minute, I can’t hear you, Don next door is cutting his grass, I’ll go in the kitchen. Right I can hear you now, Go on”

“I’ve been shortlisted for  Voice Over award”

“Oh, that’s good. What for?”

“VoiceOver. There’s these big awards in voice-over and there are loads of different categories and I’ve been shortlisted in one of them”

“Which one?”


Then I realise, I haven’t even looked at which category I’ve been nominated in. I tell mum I’ll call her back whilst I check. It was at this point Buddy- the labrador does his morning business. The following conversation is played out whilst I am picking up dog poo. I call my mum back, hoping that Don had finished cutting his lawn.


“Best Outtake”

“Is that the category?”


“What does that mean”

“Well I was recording this job and I couldn’t say the word arguably. I kept messing it up and laughing and it’s quite funny. I’ve been nominated for the best outtake”

Then mum had the longest pause, finally, she says…

“If you kept getting it wrong does that mean you’ve been shortlisted for not being very good at voice over? Listen, I’ve got to go. We are having Ribs for tea and I want to put them in the oven now or it will be too late. Well done on your award”


I picked up the Dog mess and walked home. My first voice over nomination and arguably my last.

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