Hello, I’m George Condron

Hello, I’m George Condron

Hi Im George, I am a 12 year old Child Voice Over.

I live in Manchester with my Mum, Dad and annoying little sister.

I’m really active and I like being outdoors. So doing anything from rock climbing, walking to cycling. I enjoy doing Voice Overs and have lots of fun in directed sessions.

My Mum said that I should tell you that I have an authentic, conversational Northern sound and I have already voiced lots of projects with clients such as Tesco, Co-op, Internet Matters and a really cool project for MineCraft!

We have a Professional Home Studio with Source Connect standard, cleanfeed, zoom and other ways to connect.

If you want to book me you should probably email my Mum kelly@kellycondron.co.uk cos she deals with all that stuff.

Or even better contact my agents at Little Soho voices. They are really lovely.

Hope to work with you soon, But until then I'll be busy playing Fortnite.



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