Does Your Project Need A Voice Over?

It’s all about what best communicates your videos  Why.

Let’s say you are making an Explainer Video, and a voiceover would just describe what is happening on screen, without adding new context or details to what we are seeing. In this case a voiceover isn’t adding any value to your project. The voice should be important to the storytelling, not just explaining what the audience are seeing. 

Or let’s say you are creating a brand or lifestyle video, where you might just want to create a certain feeling or vibe with your video,

A good voiceover will, first and foremost, emotionally communicate what your video is about. The importance of which should never be underestimated. If the viewer is emotional engaged, they are much more likely to respond in the way you want. Whether it’s enticing the audience to buy your product, creating a feeling or vibe, encouraging a learner during a course, the voiceover should be clear,  passionate, engaging, but most importantly serve your videos Why.

In the same way that your video should have a purpose to exist, your voiceover should have a purpose to exist in your video.

“I dont think my Project needs a voiceover”

So, you have realised from reading this that you probably don’t need a voiceover for your project. Great I am glad I could help.

“My project does need a voiceover.”

Ok, so you have decided your video needs a voiceover. How do you pick the right Voice Actor for your project? There are loads of Voice Actors out there to choose from. So how do you know if the one you chose is really good enough to represent your company or product?

If only you knew a Voice Actor with 16 years experience, who has worked as an Actor on British Television for 10 years, has a Professional Studio and is a joy to work with? Oh, wait a minute…thats me!

But seriously… A few things to consider.

“Does the Voice Actor have a good Quality recording studio, and can they deliver high quality audio files?”

Most professional Voice Actors have high quality studios and equipment and the knowledge and experience to use them correctly. They should be able to deliver audio in just about any format you want!

“What training have they had? Can they take direction?”

Some Voices are professionally trained Actors having worked extensively in front of the camera, as well as having training in Voiceover. Their versatility and range will mean that they will be able to take your directions and help create the video that you want.

“Do they have any testimonials? Is there a client list available?”

A Professional Voice Actor will have lots of happy clients. They should have links to the work they have done and testimonials to back it up.

“Does the Voice Actor provide pricing that is transparent and reasonable for the job, and explain how they arrived at their quote?”

Providing a quote for a job can be complicated. A professional Voice Actor will charge a Basic Studio Fee, that’s the fee to record your project, then depending on where the project is being used, there would usually be additional usage costs involved.

“How will I know if the Voice Actor Im considering will sound perfect reading my script?”

That’s easy- Ask your prospective Voice Actor to record a short section of the project, known as a Custom Demo, in their home studio and send it over to you – a bit like a test drive.

A Custom Demo lets you present to your client for approval beforehand. This way, you and your client get a taste of what the final product will sound like and can offer any feedback prior to assignment of the final script.

If you do have a project in mind and would like me to send a Custom Demo or a quote drop me an email

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