Acting Coaching

Real, Honest Acting & VO Support

Getting a job is the exciting bit…but training and nurturing your craft is the important bit.

The right Acting Coach should be someone you can trust, who has a proved background in training Actors, and understands the industry and its demands.

I am obviously going to suggest myself. As well as my 13 years as an Actor in British television, I have spent the last 12 years coaching actors at the prestigious Manchester School of Acting.

So read a little bit about me, head over to The Manchester School of Acting, and get a feel for the style of teaching that I have been taught.

I’m not currently available for coaching, but drop me a message below and I can let you know when I’m next free, or I can suggest someone I trust.

Acting Coaching
For Young Actors

This session is designed for Young Actors (and their parents), who are serious about pursuing a career as an Actor.

During the online 1-1, 60-minute session I will spend time working practically with the young actor, looking at their acting technique and how we can build on the skills they already have. I will then chat with their parents about how they can support their child and how they can navigate what is, a demanding industry.

This session is designed to give your child the skills and advice to help them be the very best actor they can be and give the parents a better understanding of how to support them.

Topics may include:

  • Acting Technique

  • Self Tape Auditions

  • A Positive Mindset

  • Advice on the Industry and the mistakes to avoid

  • How the Industry works.

Acting Coaching
For Voice Overs

This 1-1 online, 60 minute course gives you an insight into how having a solid foundation can help your performances have true authenticity.

This is not a Voiceover course, we wont be looking at Vocal Care, Mic technique or Demos (if that’s what you are looking for drop me a message and I will give you the names of some brilliant people who do that).

This is an Acting session, exploring how being a good actor can help you be a better Voice Over. So, whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro we will work together to start you on your journey of discovering how to deliver your scripts with authenticity.

Topics could include:

  • Acting Technique

  • Extracting the Material

  • Finding the authenticity within the script

  • Committing with your body

  • Building the Character from the inside out

We’ve worked with Kelly on two projects so far, and I wouldn’t hesitate to do so again. Kelly’s voice perfectly complemented our content and bought it to life in a way that sounded genuine, considered and personable. Kelly was a dream to work with, quick to respond, and was happy to speak directly to our video production company about the technical side (which was a great help). Thanks Kelly, I look forward to working together again!

Vanessa Jackman

Group Sales & Marketing Director

I’m not currently available for coaching, but if you’d like to be added to my waiting list then please get in touch below.